Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Night

This is really one case where my nerd tendencies come out. I have been glued to the television for hours tonight following election night coverage. This includes an hour I spend on the treadmill. Imagine walking or running as you're staring at the television trying to keep your eyeballs steady and process what the pundits have to say about the election. Well, that's me!

I'm proud to say that I did my civic duty. I got up a little early this morning and got to the polls before they opened. Granted, I only got to the polls 5 minutes before they opened, but I it still counts as getting there early! It was two hours from the time I arrived and the time I completed my civic duty and left the polling place. I'm thankful that we had decent weather (not that it would have made a difference to me).

Now, I'm not usually overly patriotic. In fact, I despise jingoistic people. Every person, no matter their political affiliation, should have a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to politicians and politics. That being said, regardless of the outcome, I can say that I contributed to a very crucial turning point in our country's history. Seeing the lines today made me very proud to call myself an American.

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