Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Triathlon Training update

Well, I kinda took the weekend off after doing so much working out last week. Not very productive toward my goals, I know. I did jog and walk on the treadmill on Saturday for a couple of miles. Last night I went back to the pool for my regularly scheduled swim. A friend met me there and we paced one another lap-for-lap. While it was great to be joined by someone, I spent a decent amount of time exercising my voice instead of swimming. Needless to say, my pace last night was less than stellar!

The good news about that is that I swam further than I had last week. I went in with a goal of doing 30 to 35 laps. I did 30 regular laps and 2 more relaxed laps (legs w/ a kickboard and a modified back stroke). The last 3 laps were a bit more tough than I expected them to be. I think by that point my arms were ready to quit. But I did it! This week's schedule is getting mixed up a bit - I'm going climbing tonight and running tommorrow.

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Leigh said...

You're AWESOME! Keep it up! :-)